The process

Embryo transfer is a genetics progress tool - a way to achieve genetic goals faster. The
process comprises a series of operations, each of which needs to be carried out
successfully in order to maximize the results of your program. Failure of just one part
of the procedure can lead to failure of the overall program.

These guidelines have been developed based on the experience of our veterinarian team
interacting with clients to help avoid oversights and achieve success in applying embryo


Donor Preparation

For consideration in the ET program, all donors should undergo the following to ensure their suitability:

    • Donors should be selected based on superior genetic merit; ideally produced a calf each year; be reproductively healthy
    • Donors should be palpated by your veterinary to ensure suitability prior to the first injection of hormones
    • Donors should be at least 8 weeks post calving before the programming begins
    • Donors as young as 12 months can be used, however, virgin heifers and older cows are less predictable in their response to super-ovulation program

Receipient Preparation

The following guidelines should be used in recipient selection;

    • Recipients should be reproductively sound, with no history of infertility or calving problems. Open heifers ready to breed (16+ months and 350+ kg), and younger animals having one or two calves are ideal recipients.
    • Cows with more than 5 or 6 calves should be avoided for use as recipients, especially if they have shown any fertility problems such as retained placenta or infected uterus.
    • We advise that all recipients be tested for LEUKOSIS and NEOSPORA prior to synchronizing them to receive an embryo. These tests will help you select recipients with the greatest chance of producing a live healthy calf from your ET program.
    • All recipients in the program should be palpated by your local veterinarian to ensure their suitability prior to the first injection of hormones

Nutrition and Embryo Transfer

The Superovulation and Synchronization Program

Heat Detection

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