Production Management

Generating strategic management advice and initiating Best Management Practices for clients promotes the level of care on farm.  Without minimizing individual animal care, herd care and production medicine forge the greatest impact on animal health.   Our veterinarians' commitment to deliver excellence in animal care includes working with our clients through each management step, establishing management protocols in all areas of production medicine with emphasis on:

  • calf and heifer health
  • cow comfort
  • feet, legs and locomotion
  • milk quality
  • nutrition
  • reproduction

Management decisions are based on measurable data. Our team encourages, provides and supports dairy herd management software that records, organizes and analyzes data for the purpose of making decisions that improve productivity, support safe and sustainable food production, and enhance farm profitability. 

Calf and Heifer Health

The first weeks of life for a baby calf are vital for health and growth to maturity, first calving, and beyond. We are focused on providing the best treatment and care for your herd's calves and heifers by providing you with calf health care, preventative medicine, dehorning and nutrition guidelines.

Services provided in part:

    • calf feeding/nutrition consultation
    • diagnostic workups of calf scours and calf respiratory disease outbreaks
    • calf health and treatment
    • calf dehorning training
    • professional welfare assessment of on farm calf raising/management
    • casting fractured legs
    • IV fluids setup and administration
    • housing and ventilation management
    • vaccination protocols


Cow Comfort

Feet, Legs and Locomotion

Milk Quality



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