Flock Health

Committed to animal care and welfare at all levels, Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic recognizes the importance of flock health for chicken and turkey farmers in Canada. Our Flock Health Programs are custom-built to provide producers with an array of veterinary services ranging from medical attention, disease prevention and treatment, to welfare management and environmental monitoring.  We support conventional and organic farms, for all types of poultry: broiler breeders, broilers, layers, turkey farms, as well as hatchery inspection programs.

Our team’s commitment to deliver excellence in poultry care includes working with our clients through each management step, establishing management protocols in all areas of production medicine with emphasis on:

  • Hatchery protocols
  • Monitors for flock health
  • avian welfare initiatives
  • nutrition support
  • biosecurity through sanitation protocols and vaccination protocols
  • food quality

We believe that proaction and prevention are paramount in providing care for our producers and their flocks. This is reflected in our regular farm visits, the continuous sharing of knowledge and skills-development programs that prioritize on animal welfare and promoting the best environment for your animals.

We work together to support your poultry farming business in achieving wholesome and sustainable meat and egg production to British Columbians.


Regular farm visits will give our team a better understanding of the status of the flock and farm environment, and will give us the advantage of early diagnosis of any pathogens or challenges being faced.

Flock Health Visits

  • Flock health and barn management observations
  • Monitoring mortalities and post mortem evaluation of mortality and culls


  • Tissue and environmental sampling
  • Serological monitoring through analysis of titers for IBD, Reo, IBV, NDV, among other pathogens
  • Fecal Examination and testing for coccidiosis level at the farm

Vaccination Protocols

Who is connecting your flock performance data to your vaccination protocol?  Using the right vaccines?

And, are they being administered consistently and effectively in ways that optimize the immune response of the bird?

Done any serological monitoring to know?

Biosecurity measures

  • Environment cleaning and disinfection protocols
  • Flock and farm visitor biosecurity protocol updates
    Farm environment BMPs and Animal Welfare
    •       Water analysis and treatment monitoring during and between flocks
    •       Lighting, heating, ventilation and air quality
    •       Litter quality
    •       Insecticide management
    •       Flock welfare


Our team of Poultry experts and support staff provide guidance and product consultation services specific to your farm and flock conditions. We have established successful vaccination programs for Broiler Breeders, Broilers, Layers, and Turkeys alike.  In an era intentionally reducing antibiotic use, our team leads initiatives with vitamin and mineral blends to promote bird health and immune systems, and monitor our results.


Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic maintains an open communication with partners and leaders in the Canadian

and international poultry industry, seeking resources that give us operational advantage and stay informed of all the changes arising in poultry farming.


Trained and knowledgeable farm workers are keys to superior flock performance in the barns.  Both on farm and in clinic training modules available.  Change occurs in all industries; Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic provides the resources and updates that your farm needs to be current with the latest poultry industry standards.

Animal welfare and health are paramount for our team, and we continuously contribute in spreading knowledge and skills related to bird handling and effective euthanasia through custom courses, and on-location coaching. Providing resources and hands-on training are part of the poultry services at AVC, and we would love to hear your questions.