The Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic has an experienced embryo transfer service team and a wide range of services unique to Western Canada.  In B.C., the Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic veterinary team is well known to all, and provides embryo transfer, embryo sexing and IVF embryo technologies to B.C. livestock breeders.

Canadian Pacific Genetics Centre (CPGC) is the international embryo division of Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic (AVC). We provide Embryo Transfer services to our cattle breeders for both herd genetic progress and international marketing. CPGC has a proven track record of providing a high standard of quality genetics and technical excellence with support and participation of our clients.

Our unique CPGC / AVC partnership has been instrumental in the success of Embryo Transfer as all components of the program are supported by our veterinary herd production management team.  Donor and recipient health, herd nutrition and calving management
are all integral steps in supplying successful embryo transfer programs.

CPGC’s strength is technical and genetic excellence.  Our embryo transfer team has extensive experience and continues to be industry leaders in applied research and development of ET and IVF technologies. These efforts include research on herd and embryo bio-security, embryo IVF technologies, embryo sexing technologies, cryopreservation of biopsied embryos, and the use of sex selected semen in in-vivo embryo transfer programs.

We are certified by the Canadian Embryo Transfer Association (CETA) and accredited by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  These certifications allow us to ship embryo genetics around the world.

Our teaching and speaking engagements have taken us to the USA, Russia, Japan, Italy, Holland, Taiwan and China, as well as from coast to coast in Canada.

We work very hard collaborating with our clients in genetic progress programs through technical and genetic excellence and mutual trust.


Our embryo transfer programs are supported by our veterinary production management team. Donor and recipient health, herd nutrition and calving management are all integral steps in supplying successful embryo transfer programs.

Our team brings a broad range of dairy industry involvement and specialty dairy experience to serve our clients in many capacities. Our team travels internationally in support of embryo markets as a consultant for dairy herd management and herd genetics.


The embryology lab is where all embryos go for evaluation and processing.

Embryologists specialize in evaluating embryos and oocytes for viability and preparing embryos for transfer or freezing. In addition, we provide embryo biopsy for sex determination and embryo splitting.

Our team of Embryologists, Christine, Paula and Roxy are committed to excellence in the delivery of consistent and reliable results. Our team is export certified permitting export qualified embryo storage and facilitating our ability to ship embryos around the world on behalf of our clients.


Our embryo export/import department is co-managed by Denise McQuillin and Lorene Barnum.

Together, Denise and Lorene have over 15 years experience handling bovine genetics. Denise and Lorene were both raised on dairy farms helping out on a daily basis. Denise was a 4-H Youth Leader and worked at Holstein Canada for several years. Lorene has extensive experience in showing and clipping.

We offer full service delivery direct to your customer or are happy to work with an alternate exporter to ensure your embryos arrive in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.